i am really into the idea of felting. i bought some beautiful roving from windrose and have been looking for as many projects to use it up.
i found this felted stone project from made in lowell and i have completed six stones so far. it is surprisingly easy and so much fun to do. i might end up with a ton more at this rate just want to wait and see how these look when they are dry.


  1. I'd love to see them! Are they formed around real stones? I like that the ones in the photo aren't stone-colored like other similar items I've seen, which are made to look just like real rocks.

  2. i only had natural colors so mine look more like real rocks and yes i just wrapped the roving around river stones so they are heavy but covered in wonderful felt. when i figure out how to upload camera to this computer i will start posting or better yet i will set up my computer soon!