the idea for the felted acorns goes along with the nature table that i want to create in our home for things that we find on little walks and such. the nature table is a waldorf home essential that it typically changed seasonally.
on my search for some inspirational tables i also discovered the blog of soule mama who has her nature table in the front entry of her home. i think it is a wonderful idea to have it right at the entrance to the home so that it can collect wonderful bits of the outside. the blogs keeper is amanda blake soule who had two fabulous books both of which are on my list to get. with some many things to look at online i never get the chance to look further into little things that i find inspire me until it jumps onto my screen as amanda's blog did today. just never enough time to read about what everyone is doing when you have your own life to live but this blog was a welcome break today as i took a little look into her life as an author and mother of four.

image: soulemama

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