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breathing new life into old linens is done so nicely by old yarns. i just purchased some vintage flour sacks and will become pillows for O's room at some stage and this is some wonderful inspiration.

and the little scribbles on the photographs are a cute touch.

images: old yarn



this is the most wonderful book that i have picked up in a long time. it contains so many useful ways to create a peaceful and rhythmic family home and is based on the waldorf philosophy. author sharifa oppenheimer also has a website with more information and reviews about the book.

my favorite part of the book so far are evening meal blessings to say with your children, it is a simple ritual that i have overlooked because i wasnt sure how to do it without it being based on a religious tradition.

it has also helped me with some more ideas with a bedtime routine. O has always gone to bed without too much fuss but i always hoped for something even calmer and very rhythmic. making a few minor adjustments is already making a difference and that will only get better when he has his new space in our new home. with all the changes that have gone on lately he has done so well with very few hiccups, children are resilient but i cannot help be a little amazed with my little guy.

image: amazon



O has always been one to hide behind curtains and spots in the house.
i think he would really enjoy a little space just for himself and this teepee that i found is such a great option.

of course i want to attempt to make one myself and i found a pattern that i plan to work from. mine will be a somewhat simplified version but fun for him just the same.

image: apartment therapy & old entrance teepees


shop {vivaterra}

i have liked eco friendly items at viva terra for sometime, i had wished they shipped outside of the us when i lived in canada but no such luck. but they do have some wonderful bits of inspiration that i can use to recreate similar ideas in our new home. their products reflect the style and feeling that i would like present in our new home.

those are just a few of my favorite items.

images: vivaterra