and again i have more photos of the house as i get closer to moving time. these are of the main living space which includes living, dining and kitchen and then also opens onto a rumpus room that i have used as an office and additional sitting area.

it amazes me as i pack my things all the items i have collected in less than a year.

images: me


pedal on

i want a bicycle. i have wanted one for quite sometime and after spotting the urban outfitters bike shop where you can customize a bike i have been on the look out.

i have been watching a few on ebay. there are so many restored vintage ones but a wicker basket and white frame would have to be the way to go.

images: urban outfitters, ebay



there is a sacredness in tears. they are not the mark of weakness but of power. they speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. they are the messengers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love. ~ Washington Irvining

image: vantiani



finally as i am ready to depart from this house i have some finished pictures of my decorated home. my absolute favorite room to decorate and the first to be done was o's. it was inspired by woodland creatures and included lots vintage bits and pieces.

in the new house we will say good bye to the crib and hello to a new big boy bed. and i am sure i will make a few other changes just to mix it up.

images: me



although i am bringing a whole house full of furniture with me to the new one. i still feel the need to change things up a little. these are some of the images that have me inspired to redecorate and renovate.

and fireplaces. i will have fireplaces and mantles to decorate.

images: decorpad, living etc, phdesigners, remodelista



i am a little behind the times and am just getting around to seeing this adorable movie. O and i found some time and watched it (minus the first 16 mins which are a bit too crazy for a not yet 3 year old).

he even came up to me with his tongue out and licked me like one character does in the movie. i had to laugh, hope he doesnt do that at play school.



it seems both O and i are officially sushi obsessed. he could possibly eat it every meal of the day but it is his constant request and is often fulfilled because i share in his desire.



lots of thoughts and feelings whirling around right now as i prepare to move house and take a step forward but not so many words.



the last few weeks have been that of new beginnings. some how it finally feels like my time here in oz is starting. we (back to O & I) are moving to a new home mid june and although I feel like I might be stepping back for a moment it is still in the right direction.

and this is who i am listening to.