consider the journey {me}

to follow up my previous post about the change i feel that i need in my life summed up by a simple but powerful statement. i wanted to share a few things in my words rather than borrowed ones. 
i have come to a point in my life where that i feel like if i continue on it i may look back in a few years and regret that i did not make a change. the fact that i have got caught up in expectations of society fueled by the illusion of security by financial means is somewhat disheartening to me. from here on i want to put more importance on those that i love and creating a life that is more simplistic. for me this also means putting a focus on my childs future by being available to him to share in the wonder he finds. 

i don't expect what i share with here to be something that changes your whole life but perhaps a few of my words or findings will creep into your life by reminding you to love deeper, have more meaningful friendships and relationships, consider the things around you and basically live consciously. that is my only hope with this blog. 

image: me

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