now & then {kitchen}

i realized today that it has been two weeks since my last post and i was was supposed to be sharing more progress the next day. but here it is now.

the second project on the house was the kitchen. we opted to go with an ikea kitchen and M installed it all by himself with the odd request for my help. we finally have all the cupboards (one of the down falls of ikea, not everything is in stock at once).

it is a huge difference from where we first started but there are a few last things to finish up before i do the final reveal.

images: me


now & then {floors}

it has been a month since we moved into our home and finally i am able to share a few photos of the progress. the first project we tackled was the floors and since they are throughout the whole house it was a larger task then first thought but here is the before, during and a peak at the now. 

we wanted to go with a richer color for the floors since the walls will be all white and i am quite happy with the way it has turned out. 

there is limited furniture right now as we search around for the pieces that we need which means lots of space for O to run around in. i ll share some photos of the kitchen tomorrow as it is coming along quite nicely. 

images: me



another new discovery for me via one small room was the australia fabric designer cloth

the timing is perfect as i search for some neat new fabric for our dining room chairs. and the gallery images are such wonderful inspiration as we are almost beginning the fun part of decorating our home. 

images: cloth 



so it has been awhile since i have been here but i have good reasons. obviously first the move into the new house and the renovations that have begun and not stopped but i was also with out internet for a good few weeks which was somewhat interesting. i have lots to report but i am not sure where to start other than with some pictures and i have to dig out my camera cord so i can upload all before and nows to show you. 
so i am just popping into say that i will be back very soon so i can start sharing all the new news in our life and that we are in love with our new house.