you must be the change you wish to see in the world
~ mahatma gandhi

shop {neiko designs)

accessories are always the finishing touch to an outfit. something as simple as a tee and jeans can look like so much more with the addition of a great bag. these by neiko designs are lovely. 

and the styling in the photographs just tops it off for me. 

images: neiko designs

so sew

i have had a sewing machine for many years and i am limited to making things in square or rectangles. i would really like to branch out into other shapes as well but have yet to find the patience to start a more complicated item such as clothing. 

there are so many japanese pattern books for childrens clothes that look simple but who knows. this is definitely on my (long) list of things to do.


bedroom inspiration board

just a few ideas for our bedroom 

images: design*sponge, ethanollie, enhabiten, dr kennedy jones, urban turn, sweet love vintage, namolio, irene suchocki, all things white, maramiki

house hunting

of course as i always tend to do i am getting ahead of myself and attempting to find a new home before i am even in the country. patience is definitely something that i need to work on. M tends to keep things in prospective more than i do but a girl can dream and so I will...

this is what i hope to find. i like the simplicity in mid century modern but i think it works well with my admiration for rustic and pretty as well.

images: unknown


notebook mag

M pointed me towards another new magazine and website that is full of great inspiration. 

just look at the beautiful homes they feature. but it doesnt stop there, other articles include how to make your own (eco-friendly) household cleaners and many other diys. i might have to subscribe to this Aussie mag too. 

images: notebook magazine


caravan of curiosities

free people clothing also has a blog named the caravan of curiosities.

the fp girls, as they call themselves, post about art, culture and fashion. the blog design itself is so nicely done but they have some great posts as well as updates about the store. 

images: free people

inspirational studio

who doesnt love amy butlers fabric but her studio is so so beautiful. i love the simplicity and the contrast of light and dark. 

and need i say anything about the balance of mid century and rustic. 

images: amy butler


best of both

today was a perfect sunday and a reminder of why i have been able to live here in calgary all these years. 

i have been lucky enough to have my home extend beyond just the four walls that are my townhouse because of the wonderful neighbors that surround me. and it is not just one set but a handful of truly kindred spirits that adds to my sadness about moving away. O and i enjoyed the morning playing outside with other children and catching up with friends. some of which i wish i had an opportunity to know better and others that have been here just as long as i, but wonderful just the same. 

our afternoon was spent with family and of course included more play, a bbq and just time together in the sun. although things are about to change drastically i can see the good that will come of this too.but i still pose the question why is it that i have to give up this only to gain something else. and my wish is to continue to share the journey with them which will be the case but just from afar. 


online retail therapy

it is probably quite obviously that i do enjoy my retail therapy and online seems to be my preferred choice at the moment especially since i can buy something and have it ship directly to Oz. i am sure to have a nice little collection of packages waiting for me when i arrive. 

my first stop is always etsy but ebay is coming up as a close second these days. the recent discovery of local ebay shops where you can buy online and then pick it up is the absolute best and is keeping my M very busy.

there are some pretty neat items out there but of course look so much more appealing when staged as these are. i wonder which ones will end up in our home. 

images: ebay

mid century & modern interiors

the home of jessica helgerson would have to be one of my favorites. 

the combination of vintage and new elements really maintain a nice balance. and the windows of this home have become the canvas for the natural beauty that surrounds it. with the display of branches inside as well there is a definite flow through out the home that seems so peaceful. 


lap top lunch boxes

i ve seen the odd post or mention about bento boxes lately and i am starting to think it is a great idea. i dont really have  anywhere that i need to take a lunch with me right now but i see picnics in the near future.
the shop from japan with love carries a great variety of japanese home wares and as cute as the cute bento boxes are i am still drawn to the simpler of the bunch and enjoy the natural lunch time brand. these are some of the lovelies that i just ordered. i cant think of a more stylish way to have eco friendly lunch. the shop owner sophia takami is so lovely, she is canadian and lives in japan with her husband. she also has an etsy store for more japanese goodies.

there are of course blogs for ideas on what to pack in them. like this one and this one.

images: adventures in a bento


shop {herbivore}

i have purchased clothing and accessories from herbivore for years now and even for little O. my favorite tee of theirs that is no longer in store had the tag line we put the FU in tofu. their clothes make a statement! 

i started out reading a great mag that they used to put out. they had so much great content but decided to put the focus on other things so it is no longer in production. 

but they still have some back issues for sale. the travel issue is my all time favorite and such a great resource. they also carry a range of vegan, vegetarian, raw food and animal rights books. 

images: herbivore

the parenting passageway

i came across an interesting and informative blog so i thought to share. the blog introduction sums up the feel and intent of the website so much better than i could hope to. 

A passageway, as one would guess, is a conduit to the next thing – a way that allows movement from one place, condition or stage to the other. This blog is entitled “The Parenting Passageway” as it is intended to help support and encourage parents as they journey from being a single individual and/or the duality of being a couple to being an awakened parent and unified family. The ideas here are not completely new, but hopefully will still provide you, the reader, with some “a-ha” moments of clarity to ponder in your parenting journey.
blog author Carrie writes some very enlightening articles in addition to the other great resource and books she posts about. topics include Waldorf education, home schooling, conscious parenting but also fun stuff like art and fairy tales. i will be a frequent visitor as i enjoy being continually inspired by like minded people and there is always more to learn.

image: oodeladie via flickr

papier mache mag

another fabulous online Australian mag papier mache. described as 'a very cute childrens magazine' by the creators and i would have to agree. 

the images are so dreamy and content so sweet. this is just their first issue cant wait to see what comes from the next. the recipe for preserving children is my absolute favorite. 

images: papier mache
original source: the red thread

mid century & rustic interiors

more inspiring home decor.
although this look seems very family friendly it still maintains a definite statement of great style. 


morning routine

many years ago when i studied ayurveda (the indian science of life) my mentor had given us some essential morning rituals to follow. i was reminded of this from kurashi arekores post on her blog because of how wonderfully peaceful it seemed. 
it maybe due to the general lack of sleep at my house but i have not been in the habit of following my once cherished routine for some time now.

the basis of it was to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water upon rising before anything else including brushing your teeth. walk around perferrably outside on grass for 5 minutes then continue with your normal morning routine. this simple little task used to make all the difference. another little secret is if you add a squeeze of lemon or lime it also aids in weight loss. 

i hope to find a few moments in the morning for myself sometime soon... some how i think it is very possible!

image: crafty folk

break away

i have been anxiously waiting for the last few things to fall into place with the conditions on my home being removed and the waiting is over. there is now nothing what so ever standing between M and i (except for a few thousand miles and another few weeks.
it has been difficult to be patient with all steps that had to happen to get to this point and i am generally at a loss for words... hence the few days i went missing over the long weekend just past. but now i can breathe again and will return here as i am feeling much more inspired. 


shop {artmind}

thes little art feelings are part of a series of 99 by art mind. they are so cute. lisa at the red thread had posted about a few that she purchased for her home.
this last little guy would fit right in at our house. so cute!

images: artmind


black & white

just as much as i am drawn to white i am as well to black. and with black and white photography it has always been my preference. they always seem to have a dreamy vintage quality that appeals to my eye.

shop {knittles)

and the local shopping continues but this time right in Calgary at knittles etsy shop. althought we are heading into spring the weather is still a bit chilly so thes cute accessories are still useful and when heading back to Oz it will be what they call winter so they are sure to be of use. i can always find a reason to shop.

i love knitted goods!
images: knittles


shop {irene suchocki}

to continue with my shopping local theme here is another artist that i have seen featured many places inlcuding decor8. her photographs are whimsical and as she describes them are "little poems for the eyes".

the Montreal based artist captures fairy tale like images that i feel as though i could get lost in. they are truly beautiful.
M and i are trying to decide which ones would look perfect in our new home (that is yet to be found).
images: irene sucocki


rustic brick interiors

rustic home decor always strikes me as so cozy and with brick thrown in the mix it doesnt get much better.

there are too many wonderful elements in these homes to mention. 

images: Colin Streater