best of both

today was a perfect sunday and a reminder of why i have been able to live here in calgary all these years. 

i have been lucky enough to have my home extend beyond just the four walls that are my townhouse because of the wonderful neighbors that surround me. and it is not just one set but a handful of truly kindred spirits that adds to my sadness about moving away. O and i enjoyed the morning playing outside with other children and catching up with friends. some of which i wish i had an opportunity to know better and others that have been here just as long as i, but wonderful just the same. 

our afternoon was spent with family and of course included more play, a bbq and just time together in the sun. although things are about to change drastically i can see the good that will come of this too.but i still pose the question why is it that i have to give up this only to gain something else. and my wish is to continue to share the journey with them which will be the case but just from afar. 

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