the parenting passageway

i came across an interesting and informative blog so i thought to share. the blog introduction sums up the feel and intent of the website so much better than i could hope to. 

A passageway, as one would guess, is a conduit to the next thing – a way that allows movement from one place, condition or stage to the other. This blog is entitled “The Parenting Passageway” as it is intended to help support and encourage parents as they journey from being a single individual and/or the duality of being a couple to being an awakened parent and unified family. The ideas here are not completely new, but hopefully will still provide you, the reader, with some “a-ha” moments of clarity to ponder in your parenting journey.
blog author Carrie writes some very enlightening articles in addition to the other great resource and books she posts about. topics include Waldorf education, home schooling, conscious parenting but also fun stuff like art and fairy tales. i will be a frequent visitor as i enjoy being continually inspired by like minded people and there is always more to learn.

image: oodeladie via flickr

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