morning routine

many years ago when i studied ayurveda (the indian science of life) my mentor had given us some essential morning rituals to follow. i was reminded of this from kurashi arekores post on her blog because of how wonderfully peaceful it seemed. 
it maybe due to the general lack of sleep at my house but i have not been in the habit of following my once cherished routine for some time now.

the basis of it was to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water upon rising before anything else including brushing your teeth. walk around perferrably outside on grass for 5 minutes then continue with your normal morning routine. this simple little task used to make all the difference. another little secret is if you add a squeeze of lemon or lime it also aids in weight loss. 

i hope to find a few moments in the morning for myself sometime soon... some how i think it is very possible!

image: crafty folk

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