and again i have more photos of the house as i get closer to moving time. these are of the main living space which includes living, dining and kitchen and then also opens onto a rumpus room that i have used as an office and additional sitting area.

it amazes me as i pack my things all the items i have collected in less than a year.

images: me


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! So peaceful-looking, calming. Will most of the furniture be coming to your new place with you?

    I wish you could come to my apartment and work some of your magic.

  2. Thanks Lisa. All of the furniture is coming with me (minus the big tv - unless thing to me hehhe).

    The magic is made possible by op shops, garage sales and eBay!! So much fun.

  3. Now if I could just take my kitchen with me too, I'd be all set.