this is the most wonderful book that i have picked up in a long time. it contains so many useful ways to create a peaceful and rhythmic family home and is based on the waldorf philosophy. author sharifa oppenheimer also has a website with more information and reviews about the book.

my favorite part of the book so far are evening meal blessings to say with your children, it is a simple ritual that i have overlooked because i wasnt sure how to do it without it being based on a religious tradition.

it has also helped me with some more ideas with a bedtime routine. O has always gone to bed without too much fuss but i always hoped for something even calmer and very rhythmic. making a few minor adjustments is already making a difference and that will only get better when he has his new space in our new home. with all the changes that have gone on lately he has done so well with very few hiccups, children are resilient but i cannot help be a little amazed with my little guy.

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  1. That looks like a very interesting book (alas, no kids in this house...).

    I'm curious about the non-religious blessing! I knew someone who did exactly say a blessing, but before eating he would lean over and smell the food. I *might* have sort of adopted that practice.

    I've always liked seeing O's wise gaze when I visit your blog.

  2. This is my favorite one:

    blessing on the blossom,
    blessing on the fruit,
    blessing on the leaf and stem,
    blessing on the root.

    Simple but sweet.

  3. Anonymous5.8.09

    Wow, This is my favorite one...
    Thanks for this blog....

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  4. This sounds like a beautiful book! And love the blessing. Its so important to create a peaceful and harmonious environment for kids, especially with the world being what it is today. How is the move going? Good to hear that O is doing well. Wini :)

  5. Exactly my thoughts Wini! We have started the renovations and I will have details of the progress over the next few days... stay tuned.