little boys

one thing that i have been doing for O is planning out his new bedroom, i am sure the decor element is not as appreciated at his age but some day perhaps. either way i thought i would share some of the elements for his room that i have purchased and am waiting to receive. i wanted to do a sort of theme but something that he can grow with. and of course the other focus will be handmade by me or others.

i have purchased the birch tree fabric from ink & spindle for some pillows. the horned owl pillows are from lolley land and i got the one in baby blue.
i adore this new growth print from ground work. it fits in perfectly to concept for the bedroom plus i love faux bois. one of my other favorite elements that helped inspire the room is a olive green knitted blanket than O's auntie made him for his first christmas. it is wonderfully thick and cozy which is much needed at night without the central heat.

some other crafty projects for me will include a bird mobile using the spool bird pattern. and some felted acorns using these cute acorn caps. needless to say i am excited to get into the house so i can start putting together O's room, it is the first thing on my list to do as far as decorating. now i just need to find some furniture for him as well.


  1. Just now catching up with the blogosphere...

    These are all such great choices, O's room is going to look great. I like that there are more choices available now for decoration for children's rooms, instead of the typical pastel or primary colors, ABC blocks and teddy bears.

    I can't wait to see how it shapes up! It definitely looks like something that can grow with him and not seem too babyish in a couple of years.

  2. i am super excited about his room.. it is the first thing i want to do. glad you like my choices.