in just over three weeks M and i have accomplished alot on our to do list. we got the house and now i have a car and a mobile phone too. i feel a bit more settled now that i have a few things that connect me to the outside world and as of wednesday when the car is dropped off i will be able to venture out by myself with O. i am very excited about the car, it is much more spacious than my last and has 4 doors so no more leaning over to get O in the back seat... my back will be saved. well aside from that i am thinking craft stores and thrift shops will be a good start on where we can go as i want to start getting a few more things to fill up the house since we are only two weeks away from taking possession.
we have also had to start planning so of the specifics for the renovations for our new home. we are going to be doing a bit of work before we move in and then continuing on the not so tricky things later on. the three big things on the list are refinishing the hardwood floors, repainting the whole house including trim and doors as well as a new kitchen. i think the kitchen is the most fun part for me because i really want it to be the center of the home and have dreamed of the style i wanted for sometime. to finally be able to get it. the feel that i want throughout our home is for it to be calm and organic by using natural and rustic materials.


  1. Will you be doing a major structural renovation, like ripping out all the fixtures and reconfiguring everything?

    I really like the middle picture, with the raw-looking wooden shelves. I love the look of open shelving in kitchens (I even have a Metro style shelf unit that's open), but I think it's probably best for frequently used items that don't have the opportunity to gather dust and grease.

  2. we arent going to be moving any walls or anything but all the fixtures and cabinets will be completely replaced as they are pretty horrible. i promise to do all the before and afters and some inbetween as well so you can see exactly what we are doing.