to do's

we can officially check off one of our biggies on the to do list. we got the house!

we will take possession in about 4 weeks and then the renovating, decorating and such begins. but thats all the fun stuff so i am very happy.

it is amazing to me that when you really want something to happen by planting that seeding and really believing that it will grow it will come to be reality. everything is truly falling into place, one thing after another is happening rather seamlessly with just the odd bump or two. i have always been a dreamer and if i visualize things over and over as i do they happen. at times it can be very hard to stay positive when things stand it the way but keeping the dream at the forefront is so important to get through those times. right now i am only seeing the clearest of paths without a single obstacle in sight and i am going to enjoy this moment and all the wonderful things that are in the making right now.

images: every eskimo

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