another wonderful part of finally being together is that i get to cook for more than just myself and o. it helps that m like to eat and seems to very much appreciate the meals i put together. last night i made a sweet corn and chicken soup recipes from the newest real living and it was a huge hit. and yes i said chicken, the once vegetarian lifestyle is no longer. i have not switched over to eating huge quantities of meat but it has crept back into my diet over the past few months as i wasnt feel it as much of a health benefit as i once thought. i am finding a new balance with this addition but i still love my veggie food so i cannot guarantee non-veg in every meal. the ideal that i want to focus on and make sure o understands is more about being conscious of what we eat and where it comes from. i am really enjoying some of the new discoveries here in oz even at the super market. i pick up an organic yogurt that i thought looked wonderful and upon using it last night as a garnish to the soup realized that is actually not only organic but also made by a biodynamic farm in the adelaide hills.
the nicest part of some of these discoveries is having the time to explore them further and cooking is definitely on the top of the list. i used to get stuck making the same old things but now having a little bit more time for it i am really getting back into it. tonight i am making tacos but not just any tacos. some years ago on a trip to california we stopped at a little beach side taco stand and they made the simplest but most wonderful pulled pork tacos so you guessed it, thats what i am making. i dont follow recipes well because i would rather improvise but the general idea is create something similar to the ones i had back in the day. pulled pork topped with shredded red cabbage and a few fresh made salsas. i will probably throw together a guacamole as well just to make it a little more interesting.

image: real simple

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