early to bed, early to rise

i mentioned this blog before and i was reading this post which i really enjoyed. i have always attempted to put O to bed and it has worked until recently. he has boundless energy so even by bedtime he still wants to keep on going, i am sure that this is nothing new for most parents. there are so many parenting books that i want to get right now but i think this one may go on the list as well “The 7-o’ clock Bedtime: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a child healthy, playful and wise”  by Inda Schaenen. 

the portion of the post that i really enjoyed was that carrie tells of how her and the children put the house to bed and sometimes sing it a lullaby. that is just the sweetest thing that i have heard in awhile because i can imagine O as he is getting more and more chatty saying good night to things around the house. 
or maybe he just needs a new bedroom, one with things on the walls and furniture. perhaps i purged too soon.

images: ohdeedoh

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