i had every intention of getting into the easter spirit and making some eggs with O but with just general craziness happening around here i am not going to be able to find the time to do this neat project that i came across a few weeks ago for silk tie dyed eggs. this idea is so fantastic and produces some really beautiful results. martha stewart has the instructions on her site. there are a heap of amazing examples of eggs that could be created at the june brides flickr account.

next year i will definitely be more organized and do this for O. plus i have a whole year to op shop and find the vintage ties, i just love this concept.


  1. YES! I saw this one on MS's site too! So cool!

    I wonder if you have to use blown eggs for this project -- do you think the dyes in the silk would be bad for hard boiled eggs? They don't seem like they would be too food safe somehow...

    thanks for stopping by the ol' blog. Good to "see" you!

  2. yeah i dont think i would eat the eggs after. it would be worth a try with the blown eggs. i couldnt imagine throwing these out if they turned out really nice.