we have been busy. along with the house the yard has also receive some attention in the form of a veggie garden. we have had lovely crops of mostly tomatoes and zucchini but also cucumber and an endless supply of any herb i could put in the ground. O is fascinated by being able to pick the fruit off the plants and popping them right in his month. and i have enjoyed cooking up amazing meals using mostly the bounty from our little backyard. the best one so far has been the baked zucchini fritters from fresh365.

and this is what we harvested just today.

the greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~hanna rion

images: fresh365 & me


  1. Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes. The ones from the supermarket have absolutely *no* flavor!

    I've tried a number of Erin's recipes on fresh365, but haven't made this one yet. It looks so tasty.

  2. So glad you enjoyed! I am jealous of your wonderful garden while it is gray and cold here!

  3. Lisa - I completely agree. this is the way to have the best tomatoes.

    Erin - they were amazing. and I loved that they were baked because it kept them very light.