hello oz

so we arrived a few days ago and are recovering from jetlag. we had a very good trip, O did so well and i couldnt be more pleased by that. M is already back to work today so i am at home for the first day by myself. there is a fairly long to do list so i dont feel too lost but sometimes a little bit of fear about what i need to do to keep me busy creeps in. all in all i am glad to be back here and relieved that the trip portion is over. looking forward to all the fun stuff to come in the next few weeks. so the journey continues.

my first little project that i am excited about is creating a few terrariums. they seem to be all the rage on etsy right now and was so excited to find some moss hanging around here that insisted on being dug up for my little gardens. these are some of the cute terrariums and accessories that i found.

i think this is just the type of gardening that i should start with as well because they only need to be watered every few weeks.


  1. And you wanted to take the moss from here.... Glad you had a good trip!

  2. Hi hi hi! Glad to hear that the trip was relatively chill. I can't wait to see your terrarium and other projects as you settle into your new routine.

    I'd love to have a snazzy terrarium, but I think building one yourself is preferable to buying one pre-made. You know, I started making little papier mache and plaster mushrooms yesterday, but I don't think they're moisture-proof. Otherwise I'd send you one!

  3. Anonymous7.7.09

    I hate that I missed out on seeing you before you left. It hit real hard on Saturday :( Going to miss you, maybe we can Skype it up sometime and you can show off your terrariums. Loves to you and Ollie. ~Franceaz~

  4. i wish the timing had worked out a bit better too. it would have been great for you to meet michael. yes we will skype it up very soon! xx

  5. Building terrariums is great fun and this is a fantastic post! I love the little houses.

    Check out my blog for links and tips on how to keep terrariums healthy and happy for a long time!