today i moved the balance of my things to my parents home from my house. i have until monday and then it is no longer mine. i have been so busy preparing for the move and all the goes along with it that i havent had an opportunity to think about how sad it is that i am leaving the home that O and i shared together. it was the place he was born and his home for the last two years.

as last night was the last time we would sleep there and the house was virtaully empty it seemed a little strange. i am glad to be in a house with furniture again (my parents) and so i begin to daydream about decorating a new home. only fun times ahead.

images: design*sponge


  1. Leaving your home country must be so daunting. But there is so much to look forward to. Building a new life with your hubby & child, & decorating a new home will be so exciting...!! Good luck :)

  2. Thanks Wini! I am getting pretty excited today.