mixed in with all the sadness of leaving those i love and joy in joining another that i love is also a little bit of fear. and it is only because of how vastly my path is going to change.

i have had the role of a single working mother and that has been some what time consuming so there has been little time left for me. as i move forward into my new life which will include having my partner by my side on a day to day basis things i imagine will change. also my role as Os mother will become even more full time because i will be able to stay home with him. i hope to find a better balance in the new slightly different roles that i will be in and with that i am able to rediscover some thing s about myself that i may have forgotten. i think many women and especially mothers strive to find that balance.
whenever i need some inspiration it always come my way. a few days ago i discovered a beautiful blog and her journey that she shares. denise lynette andrade is so brave in what she puts out there. in each of her posts there is nothing but complete honestly and the story of her path that she has so graciously shared with the world has been a difficult one. i would strongly recommend checking out her blog as she is also an amazing photographer.

image: boho photography

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  1. The move will be such a big change... scary but exciting too! Thx for sharing Denise's blog, I agree its beautiful :)