yesterday i took most of the stuff that i am taking with me to oz over to my mums. all the material things that i have collected over the past eight years are to fit into six suitcases. as well i believe i have done with purging there is still more to be done because i do not actually think it will fit in just those suitcases. it is time to get brutal and break free of material possessions. something like Os baby clothes and such i cannot bare to part with, they are a reminder i need to keep as he is getting so big and looks less and less like my little baby.
i think one of the essential keys to simplicity is minimizing material possessions. and that is a huge part of this journey that i am on so i will keep that in mind when i repack my suitcases for the tenth time.

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  1. I don't know how you are going to do it- I can barely take a vacation without 2 suitcases! Congrats and good luck on your new journey...

  2. Must be so hard trying to fit everything in to 6 suitcases! All the best and hope all goes well! :)

  3. The suitcases are overflowing! This is going to be very interesting.