busy bee

so much to do and so little time. i have exactly two weeks left before i am to move out of my little house.  i feel like there a million things on my list but slowly i am getting there. purging has been the most difficult thing for me and i occasionally stumble wishing i could take it all with me but it is liberating when that feeling passes. 

i just wanted to share one of my favorite projects with you from the purl bee, for me the best source of craft inspiration. 

i adore these sampler pillow cases. and as always the step by step instructions with photographs included would make these a breeze to make. these are on my (fun) list of things to do when i get to Oz that is. back to packing and purging for me.

images: the purl bee

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  1. Yikes, you are waaaaaay busier than I am! Hang in there ;)

    I love the pillowcases. Embroidery is my fave.