although i am very new to the blogging community. i have been pushed (just what i needed) into getting this all started thanks to the blogging course Blogging Your Way run by decor8. the course sadly came to an end the monday just past but it has been a wonderful experience.

along with all that i have learned there are some wonderful bloggers that i had the pleasure of sharing the experience with. here are a small handful of bloggers that have a delightful variety of things to say.

fresh365: vegetarian recipes! need i say more. this is a wonderful collection of new and interesting recipes that are sure to inspire anyone.

by gosh by golly: gaelana is a single mother, boutique owner, entrepreneur and so many other things while maintaining her idea of the good life. she shares all sorts of interesting finds. 

the red thread: australian artist lisa shares the things that inspire her work and some other really great discoveries, she always has new captivating finds. i am a huge fan of the little story book tiles she creates which would be great to fill any corner of your home. 

bondville: another great aussie blog. steph features australian artist, finds neat childrens clothing and so much more. 

i would definitely recommend having a look at what these ladies have to say.


  1. beautiful blog :)

  2. thank you natalie!

  3. Thank you for including me here! What a sweet write-up :) I am really enjoying your blog!

  4. fresh365 - I adore your blog... I am always hoping you have new posts!