bloesem kids

sometimes i am blown away by the fact that i havent come across a specific blog before but that might be because there are just so many good ones out there. i had heard of bloesem before but never taken the time to look further until i found bloesem kids. i love the feature knock knock which are open houses! this post in particular caught my eye, can you guess why?

this is the home of roddy & gingers owner virginia. i would really like to have a studio space to work in such as this as i imagine it would be very easy to get inspired. both sites are pretty great so two more go on my reading list!

images: bloesem kids


  1. What a beautiful house! I also would love a workspace like that. So pretty. Oh, and that blackboard wall drawing is jaw-dropping.

    Bloesum has always been just under my radar, although I've seen it mentioned and linked to in so many blogs that I love.

    I might end up suffering from blog fatigue if I'm not careful!

  2. I have the same fear so many great bloggers out there!