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it was time to replenish my spring/summer wardrobe so i purchased a few items from another great etsy shop hende. but it ended up with the unearthing of much more.

the name hende is derived from hände, the german word for "hands." in middle english hende also meant "noble, graceful, clever and beautiful." how perfect!

shop owner/ designer holly wren spaulding is also a writer & community activist which i discovered after the fact. her book of poetry is also available for sale on her etsy site. so along with all the beautiful things she creates she is also concerned with conserving what exists. in her profile she states "I think I want to defend and preserve what already Is or deserves to Be--trees, quiet, clean water, justice, the dark night sky, human dignity, topsoil, green growing things and the time to enjoy all of it". i can tell just from that statement that her poetry would be just as inspiring. 

and lastly she has a shop for wee ones that i would be sure to purchase from if my little one wasnt get so big.

images: hende

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