8,683 miles

my beau and i are separated by a great distance for what has seemed like an eternity. to deal with the additional issue of the time difference we frequently email each other little findings on the net or whatever is on our minds so when there are hours between other methods of communication we still have that. 
one of the recent finds is a website zen habits which contains alot of lists (which i love) of ways towards simplicity etc. but there is so much information that i havent had a chance to even scratch the surface. however i have my personal sifter as M sends me links to the pages that he finds that might be of mutual interest. the most recent was just what i like to read a simple reminder but so effective.  it makes me feel not so far away when we read the same words and have the same focus.

image: kristybee

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  1. The distance has just become amazingly shorter despite being in exactly the same place..x